Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What do you think when I say colors. Blue, green, purple, pink or maybe dark shades like black, grey or charcoal. Well I think more then that, I think that each color has a meaning. Like the cancer ribbons each means a different thing so if your supporting someone who has brain cancer you would wear grey. Here is list of the cancer ribbons:

Grey Brain Cancer
Teal/White Cervical Cancer
Pink Breast Cancer
Orange Kidney Cancer
Gold Childhood Cancer
Light Blue Prostate Cancer
Dark Blue Colon Cancer
Lime Green Lymphoma
Teal Ovarian Cancer
Yellow Bladder Cancer
Yellow Sarcoma
Emerald Green Liver Cancer
Black Melanoma
Pearl/Clear Lung Cancer
Purple Pancreatic
Purple Leiomyosarcoma
Burgundy Multiple Myeloma
Peach Uterine Cancer
Kelly Green Kidney Cancer
Burgundy/Ivory Head & Neck Cancer
Periwinkle Blue Esophageal Cancer
Periwinkle Blue Stomach Cancer
Teal/Pink/Blue Thyroid Cancer
Orchid Testicular Cancer
Plum To Honour Caregivers
Lavender General Cancer

As you can see there are many and its neat that they made this because its a good way to show support to someone you love or to support an over all cancer. But this isn't the only place where colors stand for something. They are also shown in many other things
such as... to label things like maps or calenders, to make a statement in your clothing or to make something from dull to fun. Colors are everywhere.

Colors have also made there way into our school systems. Students are even learning them pre-school and in french when they start junior kinder garden. They teach students lessons and are used through-out the school systems. To stand for almost anything.

Colors are used everywhere. Whether its to tell one tree from another or a red stop light to a green go light. Colors can save our lives and its important that we don't just think of blue, green, purple, pink or maybe dark shades like black, gray or charcoal. We need to think of the over all picture and how each day we are privileged to have these colors in our lives.

P.S. But that doesn't mean that we still can't have a favorite.

Life lesson: If you let the color of your soul escape you, you may never get it back

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

T is for Time

What should we do today? Is one of the most commonly asked question. But what comes to mind when this question is asked, maybe you should go swimming, or play a game. Maybe you should do something more crazy like skydiving or digging a hole all the way to china. What ever it is the next question is when are we going to do it?

Most families spend there weekend doing average family things. But is there something else other than average stuff that we can do, or that most people can afford. What else is there to do. Well there would be even students didn't go to school or adults didn't work. But the one thing that controls this is the object that makes the world break or build... its money. Most of our valuable time is wasted trying to afford food and water, the thing that keeps us alive. Its crazy isn't but could you think of a world with no money. Would we be living in a better or worse world? Who knows it could be anything because we don't know until it happens. I also don't think that the government would be willing to do this.

Time is also what controls money. For example if its two in the morning then you probably can't work at an normal office so you would make less money. Time controls your hours and then your money.

Your life is dedicated to the time you have and the way you savor it and keep it locked in your hands.

“Time is free, but it's priceless. You can't
own it, but you can use it. You can't keep
it, but you can spend it. Once you've lost it
you can never get it back.”

Jenny blog

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

D is for diversity

Diversity is not about how we differ. Diversity is about embracing one another uniqueness." This is a comment bye Ola Joseph. To me this quote is saying that just because we have differences, it doesn't mean that we should treat each other differently. You might not agree with this but of course this comment will have many diverse opinions.

Diversity is what brings us all together. We need to share each others culture and if we think its strange for someone from a different to be our country, then we have no idea what we're saying. They have all the right. Its like what I said before they are doing what they should be... learning other cultures and sharing there religion with just being there. It can also be quite fascinating to see someone from the Middle East wearing a burqa because it really gets you thinking... what if i were her? They must also be fascinated.

Just yesterday I was in the mall when I noticed some women in burqas walking buy some Mennonites and she seemed so surprised that there were people like this. The funny part about this was that the Mennonites were so surprised that there were people like that. Ironic isn't it.

We as Canadian citizens are surrounded by people of every country and everyone's opinion so that we can make Canada better for everyone. And its important for Canada to have diversity, it makes the world know that anyone can come here and feel like there at home. And not to mention we are considered super friendly and welcoming.

At school we are also having a diversity day so I thought that this would be the best time to explain it. Diversity isn't just that wide range of different cultures it is a wide range of anything. In this case its colour so you will get to wear a colour that is stands for something for example leukaemia is the colour orange or Lavender is any cancer (all of them). These cancer ribbons are a perfect example of diversity because the are all different.

In conclusion diversity is all around us all the time and we just need to say "hello diversity and welcome to my life." If everyone does this then Canada, or even the world will be a way better place for everyone.

Anne Frank:

We all live with the objective of being happy; our lives are all different and yet the same.

commented on Rowena's blog

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

P is for People

Everyday you're surrounded by people, but could you imagine them disappearing. Well imagine that you were shipped away to a desert island. Away from not only your friends but everyone. How would you feel, how would you react. Would you be shocked, would you be happy, sad, or would you laugh.

I would probably cry because I love my family, my friends, and I would even miss my teachers. But who am I to know, I am surrounded by hundreds of people everyday and going off to a desert island is a very unlikely situation.

Many people enjoy alone time but still have people around them in there everyday environment. Others enjoy the company of others and to be on a desert island alone would be very hard for them.

Theirs also another side of being around people its the feeling of recognition. I have also noticed when I'm sitting around in a place full of people who I am very familiar with and still be able to find different characteristics about them that you never noticed before. How is this well over the years our focus is still improving but weakens as we get over 20-30 says the NATO. So when we look at someone we don't usually notice the small things but when not deep in conversation and just deep in thought we notice these small things usually one by one.

In conclusion people have a huge influence on our life's, the way we act, and the choices we make so even if we are stranded on a desert island alone, our life's would change forever.

"Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labor. For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him that is alone when he falleth; for he hath not another to help him up."
~ Bible: Ecclesiastes

Comment: Emma H.

E is for Easter Bunny

You know those urban myths about the Easter bunny, the ones that say that he comes gives you chocolate or he's a cute little bunny who all the kids love. Well to me, those urban myths are all wrong and people need to be faced with the truth about the evil Easter bunny.

My realization that the Easter bunny was a evil stalker all started at my aunt Julie's wedding... on Easter. I was four and obviously still believed in the Easter bunny. Julie was very loving and a big fan of kids so she decided to get a friend to dress up in an Easter bunny costume to entertain us well they had adult talk. This didn't end very well. As the Easter bunny approached me I screamed in terror because my brother and cousins ran away to the pond. I was alone. I wanted to scream but I couldn't. Eventually I ran away but stopped to see my uncle take off the head of the bunny costume. I was shocked he wasn't real but instead he attacked me. Maybe he ate my uncle or my uncle killed him from the inside or maybe... I don't know, anything could have happened. Every year on Easter night I have had this nightmare and each time the ending changes.

Now hopefully you know how I feel. Everyone has fears but I think that this one is very sever. My mom even has noticed and always knew to never buy me Easter bunny stuffed animals, no matter how cute. So instead on Easter she gives me chocolate Easter bunny's so I can eat away the fear.

In conclusion all fears are different but this one is serious so although Easter is over be aware and watch out for the evil Easter bunny because you never know when he'll attack!

We believe in the tooth fairy, if we believe in Santa
then shouldn't we believe in the Easter Bunny
or is he all that good
so watch out, he may just be lurking about!!!

Comment: C is for Charity Andy

Saturday, February 13, 2010

R is for Rover

Yes, I will emit that I have a lot of stuffed animals, but there is one that stands out the most the one in a million, the one hero among thousands of normal civilians.

His name is Rover.

I got Rover when I was three and a half. He was a present from my dad when he went away. This was normal for me to get a stuffed animal every time he went away, but this time was different. Something about Rover wasn't the same as the others he just made me feel better when I was sad, was always by my side, and would listen to everything I had to say.

There isn't much to Rover's appearance. He is a small little dog with big black eyes . He has a soft black nose, with light beige fur and big floppy ears. Just like your average dog.

Since I was only three when I got him I don't really remember how he became my favorite. I've tried to asked my parents but they always tell me the same thing. " you just got him and loved him." Well da... who do they think I am. Anyways I guess I'll just never know how Rover became my favorite.

Rover has been through a lot with me. From vacations, to sleep-overs, and even the nights when I was scared that the boogy man was going to eat me. We also have a lot of stories that form from what we've been through. Like the time I was in Mexico and my brother asked me if he was a boy or a girl. I didn't really know because I thought of him as a boy, but I only had girl clothing for him. So my conclusion was "sometimes he's a boy and sometimes he's a girl." It's what any seven year old would say. I regret saying this completely because

Rover has also met most of my friends, so at sleep-overs everyone will say "oh did you bring Rover." Then everyone will get out there stuffed animals. Emma has Spanky, and Jewel, and of course Emma names them after her ponies. Rowena has Monkey, but Jenny and Georgia aren't really big on stuffed animals. Personally I think Rover is the best, but that's just me!

In conclusion Rover will always, forever be the one that stands out the most one in a million, the one hero among thousands of normal civilians.

Life Lesson:
your Friend,
your companion,
through good times and bad
your friend, your buddy,
through happy and sad,
beside you they stand,
beside you they walk,
they are there to listen,
they are there to talk,
with happiness, with smiles,
with pain and tears,
you know they'll be there,
throughout the years!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

F is for Friends

Right now I have a lot of friends because I'm a pretty friendly person, but my best friends are... Emma my BFF, Rowena my quiet, friendly friend, Jenny my smart, dramatic, laugh at everything friend. Last but not least Georgia my loud british friend who will laugh so much it will make you just start laughing as well, friend. Together we are the Fabulous, five, female, friend.

First of I already wrote a blog about Emma but she is a little crazy, but good crazy. She is the kind of person who takes things to serious. That's what makes Emma funny. Emma and I just really close almost inseparable. Most people would find that hard to believe because we do fight a lot but all best friends do, and ever since Emma is sitting behind me I have no control in my whole body to not turn around because she is so entertaining apposed to the boring life or school.

I met Rowena when I met Emma because they came in the same year as BFF's. Rowena and I were always close friend's but never really came best friends as fast as me and Emma did. Rowena is probably the opposite of Emma. She will always be there for me, has good advice and always, I repeat always will have something good to say when you need help you get back on your feet when you're down.

Jenny and I met in grade four when she would come into our class for a few classes. You see she skipped a grade. Me and Jenny didn't really become friends until end of grade five but that didn't really. Jenny and I had our differences but it caused us to fight like crazy, this also caused me and Emma to fight and then Rowena just stuck trying to not have to choose sides. Now Jenny and I are pretty tight but still have our differences.

Georgia and I met in grade 6 when she came to the school from England. We didn't become friends until this year because were in the same class. Emma was the one who made us become friends because they were really close when Emma and I went through our none friends stage.
We became good friends even faster then me and Emma. It felt like on the first day we met we'd been friends for years like Emma and I. It was a little strange.

Some of my other close friend who aren't in my fabulous five are pretty much everyone in the class and my ski, summer friend, and non-school friends.

Just recently I started to become really good friends with Emilie Vos. Not to say that we weren't friends before it's just that we haven't been as close as we are now. Emilie and I met in J.K and went to different groups. Then in S.K we became even less of friends because I became friends with Libby and we were very close so it was usually just us hanging out.

One of my first three best friends I had when I was in preschool they were Emily N., Jessica, and Anna. Yes, I did know Emily Newton in preschool but we never planned to come to the same school. So when it was my first day of school and I was crying my eyes out I looked out into the crowd of young faces guess who I saw, Emily! This made me so happy, so I just hugged my parents and ran over to see her.

I also have ski friends. Rachel, Margot, Chloe and many more. Rachel I've known for a while because our dads work together. This caused us to live near each other, have a cottage on the same lake, and ski together so basically we were forced to be friends but this didn't change the fact that we're super close. Margot is Rachel's best friend so we became friends that way. Chloe is on my team and is super nice like nicer than Rowena nice and that's hard to do. But whats cool about her is that her mom was going to go to the Olympics but busted her knee cap three days before the flew out.

Over all I have really good friends who will always be beside me with a big smile when I'm down.

Life Lesson: Every one should understand that we don't have to change friends if we understand that friends change.